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In the art prints galleries you will find a sampling of my favorite photos for displaying on the wall. They all have been selected for very fine image color and sharpness as well as aesthetic appeal.

Available paper sizes are 8.5 x 11, 11 x 17, and 13 x 19. Depending on your cropping choices some images may not reach full-page width or length. Paper finish is Premium Luster, though matte is available in some cases. All orders are shipped in tubes.

When ordering prints of small birds in particular, it is suggested that the subject be kept to life size. Images often have an optimum size, the one I had in mind when I made it, and if recommended this information will be provided to your inquiry.
Our slide collection includes thousands of scenic, flora, fauna and close up images of Alberta’s outdoors .If you are looking for examples of something specific please ask.
Please feel free to inquire about prints or publishing rights on any photo in any gallery.

For purchasing and price information please go to CONTACT.