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March 6, 2015

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Welcome to, your gateway to the nature photography of Al MacKeigan.

Inside BIRDS you will find sample images of almost 200 avian species that inhabit or migrate through the northwestern part of our continent. Categories are subdivided more for convenience and space reasons than by any scientific method, but birds within groups are in loose taxonomical order. Species can either be located by scrolling in the appropriate gallery or via the Search bar.

OTHER CRITTERS features just what it says, mostly encounters while looking for birds. It’s amazing what you see just by getting up a little earlier than your average bear.

Speaking of other critters, PROFILE describes one man’s hopeless slide into the dark obsession of bird photography. Just kidding. This section does offer a short biography as well as technical information on equipment and gadgets used.

LINKS take you away from this site (always remember the “back” arrow) to the addresses of those who have been a source of inspiration, information and support.

In ART PRINTS are my favorite images for making high quality prints, including some landscapes of southern Alberta. All images on the site are available as prints, but this series is sure to please. Updated regularly.

For information on pricing, correspondence, or to provide your feedback (it’s all welcome) please see CONTACTS.

These are photographs of wild things in their native habitats. The privilege of meeting each one face to face has been a priceless and profound experience for me. Thanks for your visit. I hope you see something new today.

Al MacKeigan